July 10th, 2006

At the awards ceremony, Ben Dunn got 3rd place for the Open class and Eric Froehlich also got 3rd place in the Rec class! Go "Bobble Heads"! Our team however ended up 3rd probably largely due to me bascially not counting for 3 of the 4 days but we did win the last day. Lisa Tate read a really neat letter from a friend of her's that will be published in the magazine soon. Kurt Bainum won the open class and was moved to tears by how happy and proud he was just to be there. Dr. Paul who got 2nd place in the open class was quite poetic also, stating that the King Meet is the only meet or fly-in he can make it to and he's just darn happy to be around the pilots and the staff.

So to me all in all it was a fantastic week. The weather wasn't the greatest but good enough for what one can expect in the high desert mountains the first week of July. The first day was raining but the glass off was apprently pretty good and the glass on Friday also got some newer pilots 3,500 ft over launch in silky smooth air. Saturday's Route 1 call was of course by far the highlight of the week for everyone involved.

We had just one blown launch and half a dozen broken down tubes. Two serious accidents were the only real blights on the week. Bruce ____ ending up with a broken wrist and teeth, and then Dan Gravage with the powerline scariness.

I also got to spend as much time with my Dad as I've gotten to do in probably the last 4 years combined. That truly is a treat. My mom got a trike ride so she's almost had the "pure" experience but I'll fix that as soon as I'm able of course. And by golly I got to fly and hang out with my Bay Area buds and share flying stories and drink beer and get reaquainted with the Sonoma Boys. A big thanks goes to Ben Dunn for loaning me a pristine Predator to fling around 2 miles above the ground withough whom I couldn't have done the trip.

Is it too early to start plannning for next year? WHOOOOO HOOOOO! I don't think so!