I'll make this look better soon but for now here are a couple links some videos I've created.

Ground based footage of me tearing it up at an aerobatic clinic in Dillon CA, October 2005

The following year my first flight on a T2 and a great flight on Wayne's Lam at an aerobatic clinic in Tracy CA, October 2006

Serene flight above the clouds and expression session below '02

Erik "Clockboy" Delf showing us a sweet twisty on my Predator at the Masters of Freestyle 2002

A 5 flight montage of my flights at the Masters of Freestyle 2002

Eric Froehlich also getting a sweet above the clouds flight at Chowchilla

Jackey Reynolds having a silly fun on a person-tow in Kill Devil Hills NC spring of 2007

Kevin on a tandem from Hull Mt. CA

Salemburg 2006 check out how for once I stayed on heading for the loops and 90 degrees off for the rollover by watching the turkey barns

Salemburg 2007 Jason Batterson filmed this ground based footage for me, its a good fun flight!

Steve Rodrigues showing us how its done at an aerobatic clinic in Tracy CA 2006

My friend Tracy enjoying her first tandem at Hull Mt. Ca

Yosemite! 2 flights at Yosemite National Park June 2003, wow what an amazing place

First Flight at Funston So my first flight (and first video ever made) at Ft. Funston CA and I was too concerned about the camera and flew right out of the lift band for a beach landing, the hike up wasn't very fun ;-)

Second Flight at Funston Redemtion the next day!