I'll make this look better soon but for now here are a couple links some videos I've created.

Ground based footage of me tearing it up at an aerobatic clinic in Dillon CA, October 2005

Serene flight above the clouds and expression session below '02

Erik "Clockboy" Delf showing us a sweet twisty on my Predator at the Masters of Freestyle 2002

A 5 flight montage of my flights at the Masters of Freestyle 2002

Kevin on a tandem from Hull Mt. CA

My friend Tracy enjoying her first tandem at Hull Mt. Ca

Yosemite! 2 flights at Yosemite National Park June 2003, wow what an amazing place

First Flight at Funston So my first flight (and first video ever made) at Ft. Funston CA and I was too concerned about the camera and flew right out of the lift band for a beach landing, the hike up wasn't very fun ;-)

Second Flight at Funston Redemtion the next day!